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Power up!

Pocket Mentoring & Guidance for Passion-Led High Achievers who want to shift subconscious blocks, get clarity and focus to create new habits and move forward fast

Powerful - Impactful - No-brainer

How would you feel if you had some support and empowerment to:

  • navigate through the ups-and-downs of your personal growth so you can have more balance

  • process thoughts and emotions in a way that serves your highest good (no more emotionally or mentally abusing yourself!) with someone who helps you "heartstorm" ("brainstorming and creating from the heart" - I made that up...)

  • deal with overwhelm and moments of stress efficiently so you can shift back into a place of power and peace

  • learn how to get in a safe space within yourself where your mind is quiet so you can have mental clarity and make decisions with ease

  • learn how to trust your inner guidance

Now, imagine you had a Shamanic Healer, Intuitive Guide & Personal Development Coach (all in one - aka me :-) ) in your back pocket anytime you needed to achieve any of that (and more! because I tend to over-deliver, my clients know that)

I don't know about you, but "past me" would have definitely needed someone like "now me" to achieve all of that... So I became exactly who I would have needed to be so I can help you accelerate your journey so you don't have to struggle or do it alone :)

What clients are saying about pocket mentoring:

"Every time I interact with you I grow mentally, emotionally or spiritually"

"I am feeling grateful for you helping me along. It is rare to find teachers like you"

"You've helped me live big moments in life that made me feel confused and anxious. You brought clarity and reassurance that everything is going to be okay"

"Everyone needs a Morgane in their pocket"

"Great support, very professional"

How Power Up! works

It's very important for me to let you know that this service is definitely NOT intending to make you dependant but to EMPOWER you and support you while you change the way you think and transform your habits.


You get support to achieve your personal and professional goals by being guided back to yourself so you can see how powerful you are and know what you can do for yourself.

You're taught how to shift your perspective in real time and reframe your thoughts. We also get to identify patterns and shift them.


This type of mentorship is a no-brainer yet very powerful and impactful to create deep and durable transformation!


We get to interact daily, you get coaching on the go, journal prompts, exercises to calm your mind, hear your intuition, etc.

You are the actor of your life and I'm backstage empowering you.


Are you ready to move from your mind into your heart so you can make more room for your inner guidance, for more peace, harmony, self-trust and self-confidence?

If you go through moments of discouragement, need motivation, upliftment, I'll be right here in your pocket!

Power Up Pocket Mentoring details & investment

You get 30 days of pocket mentoring and this formula includes:

  • 4 weeks of private message support via Telegram, daily interactions for upliftment, shift of perspective, guidance via written DMs and voice notes!

  • You get to ask questions, share ideas, get feedback, journal prompts and brain explosion moments.

  • You can leave messages whenever it suits you and get quick responses (minimum once per day)

  • 1 energy cleanse to kick off, acting like a reset to remove old energies and boost your energy, mindset (valued at 111 euros!)

  • Investment: 333 Euros

  • After confirming your order by proceeding to payment, you will receive a confirmation and we will get you started at your desired date, without delay!

Image by Kelly Sikkema
I'm looking forward to empowering you to step into your next level of embodied self-leadership!


Your new personal development bestie & spiritual assistant

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