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6 reasons to work with someone who sees & understands the unseen

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By "someone who sees and understands the unseen", I meant a shaman, an energy reader, like myself.

Someone who has what some call a "soul reading power", that is to say reading people's energy and sensing people's energy. An intuitive coach and transformation catalyst / activator.

If you're new to me, I'm a shaman - I was born hypersensitive and able to read and understand energies but I wasn't consciously aware of that as a child (which confused me).

I had to remember my soul gifts and also remember how to access the root cause of energy imbalances to help people at a deeper level.

Side note, I'm also a certified personal development coach and I developed my own mix of these 2 "labels" to help beautiful people in my practice.

Before I go further, if you have any questions about energy reading or unseen blocks, I'd love to invite you to a 20-min chat with me during which I could give you clarity - this free call doesn't oblige you in anything after the session.

If you want to work with me, I'll be happy to team up with you, if you're not ready or feel it's not what you need, it's all good. At least you'll walk away with clarity :)

Everything is energy, we are energy, we are all energy readers - lotus flower with a sun ray
Everything is energy, we are energy, we are all energy readers

What is energy reading

Well, to me, we are all energy readers...

Have you ever entered a room and felt the atmosphere was tense? Or on the contrary, you could tell that everyone was having fun?

That's energy reading, you do it naturally on a daily basis. But because it's natural, you don't necessarily realize it. This is an example of "surface" energy reading, just sensing the perception of a room.

But in sessions we go deeper...

What I consider energy reading and what I do with my clients, is tapping into the energy field and/or the subconscious mind of my client to access the origin of blocks they're not aware of so we can tackle it together and they can heal themselves, shift their mindset and their energy.

Why am I talking about subconscious mind and energy? Well here is how I see it: everything is energy, what is in your subconscious mind is also in your energy field.

We tap into your energy field and access the cause of the imbalance you're experiencing, whether it is in this lifetime or in a past life (past life reading, if you will) or even if the root cause is ancestral, I will sense it and guide you to shift it.

Energy is powerful - energy and light particles
Energy is powerful

Who can benefit from working with someone who sees and understands the unseen ?

Short answer: anyone who resonates with it and who is ready to change their life. I work with clients who are on their emotional healing, growth mindset, personal development and self-improvement journey. My sessions & bundles can help in any situation (break-up, finding peace and closure after a relationship, change in career, spiritual awakening, needing change but needing direction and clarity, craving unity with self, anything really...) I have been working with amazing souls from all kinds of backgrounds:

  • business owners

  • corporate workers and executives

  • stay-at-home mums

  • celebrities (famous artists, producers, singers, comedians, performers, world-class athletes...)

  • students

  • people who are going through big life changes like divorce, career change, moving home, relationship hardship or the death of a loved one (including miscarriage)

These amazing beings all have these things in common:

  • they (are ready to learn how to) choose themselves, set boundaries and change their habits

  • they're ready to do the inner work and understand themselves, unlock their soul gifts and their full potential

  • they know they are meant for more and want to claim it so they can reach their goals, create more impact around them and make their dreams come true.

  • they are ready to take action to be the change they want to see in the world.

Taking the leap, out of comfort zone, towards your goals and dreams - lady jumping from one mountain to the next
Taking the leap, out of comfort zone, towards your goals and dreams

5 signs that your could benefit from working with an intuitive transformation catalyst

  • You feel stuck in spite of the actions you're taking, some patterns are repeating but you have a strong will to free yourself

  • You want to learn how to deal with invasive thoughts (self-doubt...) and self-sabotage to reach more inner peace and balance

  • You want to deactivate your triggers and "impulsive" reactions so that you can respond to situations (vs reacting upon emotions)

  • You wish you could be at peace with your past and move forward with confidence to create a bright future in the now

  • You feel misunderstood as you're going through big life changes, awakening and consciousness expansion and you need someone who listens to you and empowers you without judging and who can help you find answer you're looking for

Yes! Because genuine facilitators will never seek to make you dependent on them, on the contrary, they will guide you back to yourself so that you can find your own answers (with the help of their guidance) to be empowered.

Team work makes the dream work - 1:1 work is powerful - lady on a zoom call on her laptop, waving and smiling
Team work makes the dream work - 1:1 work is powerful

6 ways that someone who sees and understands the unseen can help you:

  • accelerate your healing, personal and spiritual growth journey for more emotional and mental freedom

  • release blocks and limitations that have hidden origins (ex: past lives or ancestral) to have a more positive outlook on yourself (and therefore on life)

  • learn to be more in tune with your intuition from someone who has done it before

  • receive a different approach on situations from an energy perspective, which helps you see the bigger picture for an instant shift and more inner peace

  • receive guidance that empowers you to make decisions that serve your highest good

  • have access to the solution that takes your unique needs into account from a soul's perspective, it's not a cookie-cutter method, you are unique

All of this in addition to the "usual" services that a coach & healing catalyst provides, namely:

  • have a genuine supporter, someone who will be there to encourage you and celebrate your success

  • feel empowered and be encouraged to let your own uniqueness shine

Shifting your perspective

I can perceive situations and humans from an energy perspective, I have the ability to see through blocks, identify and understand them to shift, cut through the confusion, bring answers and ground you in your heart space where you can find peace, unconditional self-love and take a higher perspective.

Supporting you in making the best choices for yourself (there's no mistake, but choices that serve your highest good) and become your own guide.

My goal is to team up with you so that you find the key that are within you and open the doors yourself because that's what empowerment is about and that's what I believe in.

If you have any questions on how energy work could help you, you can contact me or book your free discovery call below.

Here is a testimonial from my beautiful client Soraia.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care, Morgane Related articles:

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