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6 signs you have prosperity blocks (and how to release them)

We often associate prosperity and abundance with money, but prosperity blocks (aka abundance blocks) can create blocks to receiving in general, whether it is a compliment, receiving help, opportunities, or even love!

Is it easy for you to receive a compliment, a gift or money in exchange for your services? Or are you more of a giver (over-giver, maybe)?

I see a lot of beautiful souls who want to breakthrough their next level in their business and in their life, but they have a prosperity block. No worries, it can be healed.

Abundance and prosperity come under unlimited forms - clementines held in a woman's hands, she's wearing a red dress
Abundance and prosperity come under unlimited forms

6 signs of prosperity blocks

Prosperity blocks look different for everyone but usually the “symptoms” are the same:

  • you feel stagnant, things aren't moving as you'd like them to in spite of your efforts

  • you don't allow yourself to receive (whether it is money, clients, love, even compliments…)

  • you wonder if you “repel” instead of attracting

  • you experience low vibrational emotions/feelings/thoughts related to shame & guilt...

  • you have negative thoughts linked to unworthiness, not being good enough

  • fear of lack, this fear is often linked to ancestral trauma & beliefs passed on by society, it's also a soul wound (one of the 5 core soul wounds)

Does any of these speak to you? Keep reading :)

Giving is receiving: Are you allowing yourself to receive?

I know what you're thinking "I love giving and of course I want to receive too", right?

I've learned that there's a difference between knowing that you are open to receiving and actually allowing yourself to receive/feeling worthy of receiving...

And most of the time it's a subconscious block...

Let me break it down quickly: you give genuinely, without expecting anything in return (without any agenda) so you will receive. That's the Law.

But sometimes, false & limiting beliefs you've developed or taken on from other people (family, peers, societal beliefs, etc.) make that you can have blocks that prevent you from receiving what you deserve.

These false beliefs are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and you're not even aware that you have them, yet they can still create blockages...

These following journal prompt will help you find if you have any limiting beliefs or patterns coming in the way and creating any block for you...

Prosperity & Abundance journal prompts:

  1. How do I react when I receive a surprise for no specific occasion? (meaning, it's not your birthday, but someone wanting to surprise you and celebrate you so show their appreciation)

  2. After the surprise and joy, what feelings arise next? (ex: shame, guilt, feeling that you owe something, awkwardness...)

  3. When was the 1st time you experienced receiving a surprise? What happened?

  4. What were you told as a child about receiving gifts?

  5. How can you shift the feeling(s) you wrote in question 2?

  6. How can you allow yourself to receive?

Journaling about blocks to receiving prosperity and abundance of success - lady's hand holding a pen ad she's writing in her journal, books, glasses, a cup of coffee and her computer are on her desk

Let me know what you will have discovered after journalling so I can celebrate your breakthrough with you!

Main cause of prosperity blocks

Fear, hidden behind false beliefs...

Most of the time, it is linked to underlying subconscious feeling (aka false belief) of unworthiness, not deserving, etc. and these are the consequence of different types of fears (fear of success, fear of failure, fear of disappointing people...).

Whether it is from this lifetime, from past lives, or even from your ancestors.

Release Prosperity blocks & ignite your success mindset - piggy bank, coins, nites and red wallet

Consequences of prosperity blocks

As a result, you end up judging yourself, thinking there’s something wrong with you, feeling like a fraud...


You feel constricted, desperate, you overwork, throwing spaghettis on the wall hoping something sticks… and you over-give because you genuinely want to serve others with your amazing skills - you know deep within that you can make a difference in people’s lives.


You end up creating imbalances and feeling frustrated, you even start resenting your business or yourself...

You’re reading this today because you have had enough of that!

You KNOW you’re made for more (and you’re absolutely right), you’ve never given up on yourself and for this, I want to thank you!


This is the proof that you’re a winner and you’re about to reach a breakthrough.


You goals and dreams are valid, they don’t have to stay “something that hopefully will happen one day” - this workshop will take you one step closer to reaching them!!!


It is my pleasure and honor to assist you with this workshop during which you will:

  • Identify your prosperity block(s)

  • Release what's keeping you "stuck" and bring healing and loving energies

  • Step into your new reality, that is to say become a vibrational match for what you desire, being in alignment with your heart’s desires 

In other words, you will:

  • No longer be playing small, 

  • Allow yourself to receive what’s meant for you 

  • Take a big step forward towards your goals and dreams.

Are you ready to commit to your success?

If you recognised yourself in one or more of these signs, you'll want to get for my workshop: "Release prosperity blocks & ignite your success mindset".

Release prosperity blocks masterclass

In this 1h26min workshop, you will learn a lot, release blocks, shift your perspective and step into success mindset. 

It contains 6 parts, including a powerful releasing guided exercise (that includes a method you can use and re-use for basically every area of life) and also a powerful guided meditation.


Upon purchasing, you'll be invited to download a PDF that contains all the info you need.

I made it very affordable (27 euros only!) so that you can feel safe to invest in yourself, not only financially but also in time and in energy. Low ticket, high value!

Here is one of my beautiful clients said less than one hour after the workshop.

Release prosperity blocks and ignite your success mindset

For any questions, feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to connect with you!

Take care,


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