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The reason why you're not reaching your next level of success despite taking action and working hard

Hey entrepreneurs and creatives!

No matter which level of business, income or success you are currently at, if you have a desire for more, it's valid!

If you're willing to reach your next level but you're facing a few roadblocks, you might want to read this as I'll be breaking it down!

*message from future me: you might want to grab a drink for this one*

What we'll be talking about:

- How energy works (from subtle levels to physical reality)

- My solution: Recalibrating your energy

How energy works (from subtle levels to physical reality)

Any change you're working on bringing into your life needs to happen at an energy level first.

I get it, everything is energy. But there are different levels of density.

So I will reformulate and say, everything needs to happen at a subtle level first before materializing in the physical world that is denser.

What I'm trying to say here is that in order to bring changes in your physical reality by taking actions, you need to bring a change at an energy level within you.

These changes need to happen at different levels of your being - let's break it down into 4 levels

  • Energetically:

You need to remove stagnant energies that have a polar opposite vibration to that thing you want to attract/create

ex: if you want clients but you have stagnant energies that are blocking you from receiving them subconsciously because of false beliefs (ex: "no one will want to buy my services" or "I'm not good enough" due to impostor syndrome) or past life vows (ex: vow of poverty which makes that you're struggling financially or to create prosperity) then there's like a conflict in your being because the conscious and the subconscious so the Universe is receiving mixed signals.

Example of stagnant energies: memories of trauma, soul wounds, childhood wounds, shame, humiliation, betrayal trapped in your body, energy field and of course subconscious mind.

  • Mentally:

Thoughts are electric so even if you do know that you have a lot to offer, if doubt comes in and echoes the stagnant energies contained within your body, there will also be mixed signals there and in spite of what you consciously know, the subconscious mind rules 90 to 95% of our reality.

Your thoughts need to match your beliefs - once subconscious false programming, limitations and fears are cleared, you will become crystal clear.

  • Emotionally:

You're experiencing a rollercoaster because you're feeling great about having a business, it's your dream, you're living it but since you're not seeing the results of your efforts, you're feeling discouraged (I get you, it's human!).

Emotions are magnetic, so there again, there are mixed signals.

Deactivating your triggers and emotional responses will help you stand in your power and become unshakeable, you'll be able to respond to life (vs reacting from wounds and defense mechanisms)

  • Physically:

You're feeling frustrated because in spite of your actions, desires and determination, things are not going as you know they can (and will!)

Once you'll have cleared the previous levels, your actions will be aligned with your energy and you'll become more magnetic!

All of this is common and human.

You don't need to feel bad about it, there's nothing wrong with you. You're just working on shedding layers and generations after generations of false beliefs, trauma and limitations...

All of this is due to fear basically, because the opposite of love is fear.

The more you work on de-conditioning yourself from limitations and mind programs and on healing yourself from traumas that created false beliefs and fears, the more your signals will be clear and the more you will become a vibrational match to what you want to create!

My solution: Recalibrating your energy

I created a Business Recalibration Session designed to help you clear any mind control, false belief & societal programming from your system so you can remove the roadblocks you've been facing and accelerate your journey to success.

It's as simple as that: you're already doing the work and taking action.

When we team up, I help you by clearing your energy and subconscious mind. I kind of act like an "energy body guard" if you will, your spiritual assistant, your pocket coach and self-leadership bestie to empower you.

I offer different packages for this highly transformational session.

You can check out my service here: https://www.morganerose.com/business-recalibration

And of course, if you have any question, you can DM me or book your free clarity call here.

Thank you very much for reading this article, I hope it brought you clarity.

You were not meant to struggle or stay stuck, you're here because you already know that.

The time of limitations and stagnation is over and I'd be honored to accompany you to your next-level of success!

Take care,

Much love,


Energy healer, Certified Personal Development Coach

Your new self-leadership bestie ;-)

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