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Dealing with doubt & hearing your inner guidance

Are you trying to connect to your inner guidance but your ego / mind is coming in the way?

Are you wanting to connect with your inner self?

Or maybe you want to move on but ego keeps repeating the same old scenarios & boring statements?

I feel you... I know how it feels... I naturally have a very active mind and if you're like me (hi!!:)), let me tell you that what you think is your weakness is actually a strength!

An active mind is a sign of mental strength, so let's make your mind work for you and not against you.

How to destroy self-doubt: believe in yourself - the text says "I believe in you. Believe in yourself! Be positive. Mike Holmes"

How to deal with doubt in 7 simple steps

You might be wondering what to do when self-doubt kicks in

Have you ever thought of a goal you want to achieve, of how good you'd feel once you'll have achieved it and then usually this is followed by a sinking feeling in your stomach or the famous "but what if I don't succeed" or "how on Earth am I going to do this?"

Here are a few things to do to help you deal with self-doubt

  1. Know that your mind (or ego) is a database of past experiences considered as unpleasant, painful or even horrible. Its role is to protect you. Don't judge yourself for that, it's human, it's ok. Accept yourself by reminding yourself that this is part of human nature, this will help you not be too hard on yourself.

  2. When self-doubt kicks in, when you hesitate and find yourself spiralling, go in "observer mode" (as I call it), that is to say don't engage in any scenario, become aware of the pattern that is taking place in your head, just observe in a neutral way.

  3. Become aware of what is happening within you (in your internal environment): notice your body language, locate any tensions and focus on the limb or body part where you're feeling the tension and exhale it consciously. Inhale fresh oxygen that is going to "cleanse" your body part in question and exhale the tension Talk to yourself and be present, remind yourself that it's not your mind who runs the show... Your heart does... Here's the proof: if your mind would tell your heart to stop beating or your lungs to stop breathing, what would happen? Nothing... because it's not your mind who decides how your body needs to act :) Your heart is the seat of your soul, when you dominate your mind, your heart can be heard. Remember you are in control! Be present with your body, keep focusing on exhaling tensions for as long as you need.

  4. What can help is to imagine your ego is a little child and listen to what he/she has to say. What is the story that your ego is telling you? Don't judge it, just observe

  5. You can then ask yourself, “Is this threat real in my "now", in this very moment?” The answer will likely be “no”… Then ask yourself "what do I need?" Maybe you need to feel safe, reassured, validated... give yourself that which you need. You will then be able to see some of your actions and reactions as results of wounds that you can choose to heal in order to find balance. You have all the tools within you to do so.

  6. Thank your ego / mind for wanting to protect you and tell it that there is nothing to fear anymore. You are safe, you are growing, you are successful and you can deal with anything that comes your way.

Focusing on your breathing and the feeling of fresh air entering can help you be present and step away from the mind's speech (aka doubt, in this case) breathe is written in hot pink cursive letters on green leaves background
Focusing on your breathing and the feeling of fresh air entering can help you be present and step away from the mind's speech (aka doubt, in this case)

More generally, when you can feel that your ego / mind is being activated or getting "loud", observe what you are perceiving as a danger and to which situation of the past your current experience is echoing.

Hear what your ego have to say and choose how you want to respond.

Accept your ego as a part of you because you are one with yourself.

If you'd like to heal self-doubt at a subconscious level so that you can silence your mind for more clarity, to make confident decisions and to hear the voice of your inner guidance, my 8-week program called "Unshakeable" is for you! You can check it out here. When you can be in control of your mind in a self-loving way, you can deactivate overwhelm, procrastination, self-doubt and impulsive reactions. You can therefore have more focus and creativity, which increases your productivity, your feeling of self-satisfaction. All of this will make you have more balance, less stress and more free time to spend time with your family and do the fun things you enjoy.

That's how you can improve your life and make your dreams come true.

Develop an Unshakeable mindset

Self-doubt needs to go

I see you... amazing gifted high achiever, you're a leader and you want to create impact, you want to be the change you want to see in the world...

You have all these dreams and goals that you want to achieve, you crave for inner peace and you wish you wouldn't get triggered so you can stay calm and think in terms of solutions when a challenging situation occurs (while processing your emotions of course).

You're tired of doubting and second-guessing yourself by fear of making a mistake and messing it all up.

You wish you could trust yourself to confidently make decisions that move you and your business forward.

I know how that feels, I used to be like you, and it's ok, it's part of the human journey, I still go through that sometimes.


The difference between before and now is that I have the tools and the knowledge of myself to know how to stop the story my mind is telling me.

I know how to be there for myself and change the story. And you can too.

What if I told you that mistakes, regrets and failures were only a perception that you have of your own self and your past? And you can shift this perception!!! No matter what you're reproaching yourself with or why you're beating yourself up, you can heal that! Your fear of making a mistake, of having regrets, of missing out or of failing will then disappear. Because you can't mess it up and even if you would be under this impression, it's just a perception that you can shift because you know there'd be something to learn from it, the only way is forward.

I would like to share my podcast episode here with you, to help you shift your perception about what mistakes really are.

Wanna know what happens when you're at peace with the past in the now?

You will overcome overwhelm, your mind becomes calmer, you can hear the voice of your intuition, you therefore trust yourself to make decisions and to take actions that bring results in your business / career and life, you overcome procrastination and start increasing your productivity.

You therefore have more free time for things that feed your soul and bring you joy outside of your business :)

Here is a journal prompt to help you become Unshakeable and Unstoppable

  • What would I do if I knew I couldn't "mess up"? Write everything that comes up, write your dreams, goals and desires.

  • "What is preventing me from achieving each of these goals and dreams?" Self-doubt is going to come up, as well as false beliefs and things that are perceived as an obstacle... it normal... keep going

  • Then for each doubt or obstacle, ask yourself "What is the truth?"

How to stop doubting yourself

The best remedy to self-doubt is to trust that you are doing your best, silence your mind, then you will hear the subtle voice of your intuition.

Your inner guidance if always talking to you. I always say that self-doubt is like a neighbour who listens to loud heavy metal, while you're trying to play soft relaxation music, if both are playing at the same time, you won't hear the latter - to use an analogy.

The volume of self-doubt is often louder than the subtle voice of intuition, so when you turn the volume of the mind down, you can then hear and listen to your intuition.

Why this meditation is worth 16 minutes of your time

When self-doubt "poisons" your life, that's when you need to reconnect with your Higher Self, your inner guidance.

I get you, as business owners, we can happen to lose track of time, goals or even of ourselves because of the voice in our head...

The voice of self-doubt that is never helpful, that comes from wounds and traumas and that creates more blocks... See the pattern here?

I'm sharing this meditation that I created a few months ago hoping it can help you calm your mind and remind you how powerful you are as a human and as a business owner and high achiever.

If you think you don't have time to meditate, that's actually a sign that you need to, whether you take a break, sit in the grass or even before you fall asleep at night, you can make time for meditation.

The clarity you will gain as well as the feeling of peace and stillness (physical and mental) will help you increase your productivity and therefore be more efficient, focused and at the end of the day create more free time.

Empowering & Motivational Guided Meditation for (future) business owners - kick self-doubt and get a clear vision with your Higher Self

Healing self-doubt and more generally patterns from the mind (conscious and subconscious) is one of my specialties :) That's what we focus on during my 8-week program "Unshakeable".

I'm inviting you to go listen to this other guided meditation on my podcast to experience reconnection with yourself and take a mental break

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But in any of these cases, you will walk away from this free call with clarity on your next steps! :)

I'm excited to connect with you!!!

Take care and keep making impact, the world needs you!


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