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How to center yourself and gain clarity in 2 minutes

You have a busy day ahead, I get it. But it's actually when you're busy that you most need to take time to center yourself - it can be done in 2 minutes!

You're pressuring yourself to finish this project or start working on xyz... you're not sure where to start, you overthink, you're not centered, you lack mental clarity and as a result you're getting lost in small tasks that don't really move the needle forward in your life or in your business.

Even if you're feeling busy, it's still a form of procrastination, avoiding/not knowing where to start as far as actions that bring results are concerned.

That’s exactly when you need to step back for a few minutes.

Silence your mind and gain clarity, take a break to meditate, even 2 minutes - image of a lady sitting down in the forest and meditating, smiling

Not sure how to center yourself or how to silence your mind?

Side note: Guided Meditations are a good way to learn to silence your mind, you can find free meditations on my podcast.

That's exactly why I wanted to share this exercise that will help you reconnect with yourself, gain clarity in 2 minutes or less so you can know what to do next.


  • Close your eyes

  • Place your hands on your heart

  • Breathe deeply inhaling through your nose and exhaling any tension through your mouth

  • Focus on your feet resting on the floor, the contact points of your body and your seat

  • Mentally say, "I am safe, I am anchored, I am here for myself, I trust myself and I know what to do to be successful in everything that I do"

  • Take a few more deep breaths and just feel your body, your presence, the peace

  • Resume with your day.

How are you feeling now?

Yes, I know, much better, calmer and your mind is still, you can now hear the voice of your intuition, right?

What if I told you that you could achieve this physical, emotional and mental state of peace, balance and trust in a more durable way?

What if I told you that you don't have to keep living life feeling overwhelmed, procrastinating and beating yourself up for not knowing which decision to make?

What if instead you could learn how to stay balanced, confidently take action that bring results and move your business (and life) forward to your desired level of success and fulfilment?

If you'd love to know more, I'm inviting you to have a free 20-min chat with me, to see how I could help you achieve your desired results.

May you find peace easily anytime you need it.

Take take,


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