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How cleansing your aura can restore your wellness and improve your life

The aura is everything that emanates from us, everything that we radiate or emit on different planes.

The aura is an energy field that can’t be seen with naked eyes because it’s not dense (although some people have the natural ability to see auras - it is also possible to learn how to see the aura, we will tackle this a bit later in this section).

Even without seeing auras, we can all (especially sensitive, hyper sensitive and empathic people) can feel and perceive the aura’s vibrations (positive or negative) of the people we are coming in contact with - it has nothing to do with judgment but with feeling, it is a kind of intuitive reading of the energy field which is totally different from using the ego to judge - it is more like a personal indicator of compatibility.

For example, if someone is being manipulative, he/she is going to try and hide his/her true nature by changing his/her behavior, but he/she will not be able to change his/her aura because this pattern is deeply rooted in them; someone who is hypersensitive will be able to tell/feel that this person has a hidden agenda.

This can also explain why we can happen to feel good or awkward in someone’s presence, even if we don’t know that person very well and if there is no “logical” explanation for these feelings, it is that person’s vibration that gives us this good or awkward feeling. Once again, it is not about judging someone but feeling that person’s energy - a subconscious energy reading/perception.

How cleansing your aura can restore your wellness and improve your life

Why taking care of your energy field is important to improve your wellness - aura 101 | Energy, self-leadership & wellness Podcast Episode

In this episode, I'm happy to be going back to "basics" (if I may say so) and tell you all you need to know about your energy field (also called aura) and how taking care of yourself at an energy level can improve your life.

I talk about self-leadership a lot. To me, it means being the leader of yourself, of your life and getting back to wholeness, to expand from within. It also involves "self-healership" (a term I came across not long ago on the internet and I thought it was brilliant and very empowering).

In this episode, I'm talking about the main things that can impact your aura and what I see the most. It's a non-exhaustive list, of course. Some of these things are part of the "obvious" physical life and some other things are a bit more "paranormal" (so to speak) and can sound weird if you've never come across these terms before. I'm all about normalising "weird" things so that people who are suffering in silence can know for a fact that there's more than what meets the eye and that they can feel free to reach out.

That's why it's important for me to create a safe space for everyone to come as they are without any shame or fear of being judged.

I also talk about how working on yourself and your personal development contributes to increasing your vibration and helps you have more of what you want to see in your life with the Law of Attraction - which is one of many Universal Laws. We always hear about the Law of Attraction indeed but it's far from being the only law that you need to take into consideration when you want to create the life you want to wake up to every morning.

If you'd like to check out my ebook that I referred to in this episode "Knowing the Universal Laws to Manifest Your Reality", you can click here.

Aura Damages and disruptions

Our auric field can happen to be disrupted and affected by life’s circumstances, our lifestyle, our diet, etc.

Our aura can also be affected by what we call energy parasites or entities - these can be disembodied beings but also people that are alive. Entities are spirits, not all of them are dark or want to harm, but they all need energy to survive on the plane where they live. In order to feed themselves, they are going to attach to a human’s aura and create etheric cords from which they can “suck” the energy out of the person they’re attached to and feed themselves from their “host”; it’s a form of energy vampirism. We can also meet energy vampires who are human beings, but that’s another topic.

Our aura can therefore become distorted, pierced, torn, imbalanced, have some puffiness, it can be implanted with devices that can cause all kinds of troubles. The more damaged the aura is, the more the person will radiate low vibrations and according to the Law of Resonance, the more this person is going to attract situations, people and/or entities of the same vibration.

Here are some diagrams I created a few years ago to help you have a better idea (click to enlarge and check all the diagrams)

Cleansing, purifying and strengthening your subtle bodies is therefore very important so that they can have a positive vibration and the energy can flow freely.

The more you work on yourself, the more your subtle bodies are cleansed, the more our aura is strengthened and therefore the more you radiate strong vibrations.

There are different techniques and ways that you can use to cleanse your aura.

*** Word Of Warning:

It’s important to never manipulate energies without having a minimum of knowledge; doing so indeed requires protections against entities (especially dark ones). One should not be afraid of them, but one should always be cautious. Just like there are rules/routines of hygiene to respect for our physical bodies, there are rules/routines of spiritual hygiene too. In case of doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional. ***

Aura healing

The deep energy cleansing sessions that I perform impact all of these bodies. During a session, the energy that I use is going to launch your self-healing process by clearing traumas that are deeply rooted or that have been repressed or suppressed with time (but still stored as data in your subtle bodies), releasing blocked energies, cleansing and balancing your chakras and by feeding and energizing your organs. All this is done smoothly, at your own pace.

Extraction and aura clearing also impacts your aura by removing any intrusive energies that may be attached to you (karmic cords and soul contracts that don’t serve your highest good, entities, implants…).

There are also other methods that enable you to clear and learn more about karmic cords and how to cut them.

If you chose to go further in your self-healing journey, it will be my honor to help and support you.

More generally, working on self-discipline and consciously choosing what you engage in as well as working on raising your vibration are a good way to maintain a healthy aura. Staying way from alcohol, cigarettes, processed food, junk food will help tremendously. Cleansing your aura is also very important and that’s what I’m going to teach you right now.

How to cleanse your aura

(Scroll down for the audio version)

Here is a method that will help you cleanse your subtle bodies and therefore your aura. You can do this daily, preferably after having cleansed your chakras, the more the better. I suggest doing it at least once and before going to bed as it can help you cleanse the stress/tensions accumulated throughout the day. This is done by visualizing and with the power of intention.

Start by relaxing and once you’re in a comfortable position, close your eyes.

Breathe deeply and when you are ready, starting visualizing a shower of Golden Light that is falling down on you from Source.

This Light runs down on you, on your physical body and all around you, on your aura. It then enters your body through your crown chakra, fills you and lights you up. As this Golden Healing and Purifying Light runs and flows on you and through you, visualize all the toxins that come out of your system as dust or mud (use any image that speaks to you). As if you would wash a car in the car wash. Visualize the dirty water running down and being absorbed by Earth so that the toxins can be transmuted.

Bathe in this light, take all the time you need and once you feel that all of the toxins that were in you have been cleansed, you can open your eyes.

Quick guided aura cleanse meditation - cleanse your aura and relax in 2 minutes anytime anywhere

This is a short meditation designed to guide you and teach you how to cleanse your aura quickly during the day when you're at work or busy doing different things but you know you could use a breather.

Once you learn how to do it, you will be able to do it anywhere, anytime you need. This is a great way to reset your energy and learn how to consciously feel different vibrations and how your energy shifts.

Try it and you'll always use this technique (I know I do and have been using it for years as a quick technique when I need to reset my energy. Of course, this is a basic technique that tells you where to start. I use more precise and deeper techniques during my 1-on-1 private sessions with my clients.

How to see your aura

Before you start this exercise, make sure you have cleansed your chakras and your aura with the 2 methods I taught you in this e-book, as it will ease the process.

Once you have done that, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Ask to be connected to your Higher Self, use your power of intention. Then follow these steps:

1) Ground to Earth

2) Visualize the energy of Earth that enters your body from the sole of your feet and goes up through your legs, root chakra, sacral chakra and solar chakra. Feel this energy flow in you.

3) This energy now enters your heart chakra and lights it up, visualize an intense green light coming out your heart chakra... feel it... it is relaxing, soothing and full of love...

4) The energy keeps on flowing up through your throat chakra and then through your 3rd eye. See your 3rd eye chakra being switched on and shining brightly... take some time to feel it...

5) The energy now goes up your crown chakra and comes out to connect to Source, feel it and feel the connection...

6) The energy from the Source Above now comes back down into your body via the same way. First through your crown chakra, your 3rd eye - which gets even brighter and shinier - your throat chakra, your heart chakra - which also gets brighter and brighter. The energy now lights up your torso, flows through your shoulders, arms and hands, coming out from the palms of your hands (the chakras of your palms, more precisely). Source energy continues flowing down through you, through your solar chakra, sacral chakra, root chakra, down through your legs and out through the sole of your feet.

7) Take a short break and feel the flow of this pure and powerful energy in your body. You are connected to Source and to Earth. Breath in and out…

8) Now that the energy flows freely in and through you, rub your palms against each other for about one minute. Then, part your hands and keep them about 10cm/4inches away from each other. Looks through the empty space between your hands - do not look at your hands - let your vision become blurry without forcing anything. I suggest that you do this in front of a wall or a screen that is uniform and even in order to avoid visual distraction.

9) Move your hands closer to each other and further away from each other, slowly without touching them, back and forth motions. You should start feeling energy inside your hands, feel it, you now should be able to perceive a kind of energy envelope wrapping your hands… this is your aura!

Do not get discouraged if you can’t see it the first time you try, keep on practicing and you can include this in your daily routine of reconnection with yourself. It has to be something fun and nice that you are doing for yourself

For more info about my Energy Cleanse service, click here.

Thank you very much for being here,

I'll see you soon!

Take care,

Much love,


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