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How to receive your distance healing session

Here you can find general information about sessions.

Everything is energy - Energy healing and shamanic healing image of light orbs to represent energy
Everything is energy

  • Atmosphere, benevolence and non-judgment

An energy/shamanic healing session always takes place in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. You will need to turn your phone(s) off. The session will be done with good intentions, benevolence, non-judgment, compassion and active listening.

  • Remote sessions

We first connect and you can tell me about the reasons why you need a session and what you are willing to work on, I will then have an idea of the technique to use.

The we set a day and time that suit both of us according to time difference. Even if the session is done remotely, it is recommended that you are available for your session. Why? Because that way, you can avoid any external disturbance and be fully present with yourself.

At the time of your session, I connect to you through intention and energetically, I will be taking the necessary actions to work on/with your energy according to what I feel and perceive and also to the guidance I receive. I sometimes use crystals and my pendulum if need be.

Once the session is over, I will be sending you an e-mail to summarize and give any eventual information I will have perceived during the session. And you can also contact me if you need or if you have any questions, it is important for me that my clients know they can send me a message to follow-up, up to one month after the session (no additional cost).

  • Feelings and sensations

During a session, you may or may not feel things or have sensations. There is no rule or norm, each person is unique and perceptions vary from one person to another (and even from a session to another). Sensations and feelings are not a measure of efficiency or effectiveness. Everything that happens during a session will always be for your highest good and to work towards balance. It is recommended to stay in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for the whole duration of the session.

You might experience cold sensations or warmth, tingling sensations, visions, etc. it is normal. If you don’t have any sensations or if you can’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean that it is not working or that nothing is happening. Sensations are not a measure, they just happen to some people, everyone is different and everyone reacts differently according to their sensitivity, their life path and experiences, etc. A healing session will always be different from one person to another and each healing session you may have will always be unique because your needs are different from a session to another.

Sometimes the work is done at such deep levels that our human perception can’t translate it into sensations but things are happening for sure. Just be convinced that this experience is sacred and happening for your highest good, you are doing something for yourself.

Healing crises can happen a few hours after the session, it is totally normal. The energy will be doing its work on you and in your body and energy system, you will keep on releasing the energies that were stagnant or blocked and accumulated in your system for years or even lifetimes. Make sure to drink water to help the energy flow and the elimination of toxins.

  • How I work

To explain briefly, when I do an energy healing session or a shamanic healing session, I channel energy from Source, that is to say Universal Energy, and I direct it towards the person on/with whom I am working at that moment in time.

A part of my mind (called ego) goes on mute so that I can become a channel with as little interference as possible. I then get into a transe (shamanic transe - it happens automatically most of the time) so that I can do different tasks, like for example communicate with my client's soul and take the necessary action for their self-healing process to be launched and for changes to take place. We don't always need to consciously know what is happening.

  • Messages and information

Sometimes during a sessions, I happen to receive information that are coming to me through my extrasensory perceptions: feelings, sensations, words, images, smells, messages from clients' Higher Self, Spirit Guides or deceased loved ones.

These extrasensory perceptions (also called ESP) are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfaction (and clairgustance but this is very rare).

I can never know in advance if I will have information or not nor through which of these ESP this eventual information is going to come to me - hence the importance of being a clear channel and avoiding interferences.

  • My duty

I can never know in advance what is going to happen during a session Why? Because each person is unique and has unique needs.

My duty is to channel and communicate what is coming to me without trying to interpret or make sense of it because everything that happens during a session will always happen for the highest good of the client - otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to have this information. These messages are generally what the person needs to hear and know in a conscious way at this moment in time so they can free themselves and get relief for the healing to occur.

  • Recommendations to optimize your session

5 to 10 minutes before the time we have set for your live session, get ready so that you can be relaxed when it starts (you don’t want to have to rush).

Turn your phone(s) off, if you share your space with someone, kindly let them know you don’t want to be disturbed or interrupted. If you have pets, make sure they will not want to go out or need food. This moment is

just for you.

If you want, you can choose to burn sage, Palo Santo or incense, take a cleansed crystal, light a candle... whatever feels good to you to set a peaceful and sacred atmosphere. You could put a soft relaxing music if you want to, not too loud as you don’t want to create any distractions.

Don’t expect anything specific as far as sensations or feelings are concerned, expectations come from the mind and create limitations while welcoming comes from the heart and leaves the door of possibilities wide open, don’t try to look or scan your body for sensations, trust and just open yourself to experience anything that comes your way.

You will either sit down (preferably on an armchair or a sofa so that you can relax your muscles more than on a regular chair) or lie down comfortably in a space where you feel at ease and good - I recommend lying in bed. Make sure to cover yourself with a blanket, sometimes energy work can give cold sensations and you don’t want to be cold. Relax all your muscles.

When you are ready and at the given time, just open yourself to receive. If you want you can pronounce a sentence like “I am now ready and opening myself to receive the energy healing session that is sent to me by Morgane for my highest good”. And relax for one hour. You change position if you feel like, always make sure to be comfortable and avoid crossing your limbs for.

If you happened to fall asleep during the session, please don’t worry and don’t be disappointed, your body and soul know what is best for you and sometimes falling asleep enables a better reception depending on people. Nothing happens by mistake, all is well.

After one hour, if you feel you need to wait a bit longer, take your time to reconnect with reality by wiggling your fingers and toes, stretch if you need and get up slowly. Have a glass of water to help the flow of energy and elimination of toxins. Don’t hesitate to drink more water during the day after the session.

You might experience what we call “healing crisis” or “purges”, meaning that the symptoms you are experiencing might intensify for a short period of time as the energy is doing its work, don’t panic, it is normal, it can happen. You can also experience cold sensations or emotional release as you are getting rid of what no longer serves you.

Energy transcends time and space, it knows no limits
Energy transcends time and space, it knows no limits

How & why distance sessions work

When we are not familiar with energy work, it can be surprising to hear about distance sessions. We wonder how someone that we don't know can work on us and help us without being physically in the same room.

I'm going to explain why receiving a distance (or remote) session is as effective and efficient as receiving a session with the healer being physically present in the same room.

In the type of energy healing that I practice I don’t handle or touch your physical body (even when I used to do in-person sessions), I never handled limbs, muscles or bones, all is done by laying on of hands. I don’t have to touch the physical body or to be in the same room as my clients to perform a healing and obtain results.

Healing work is done at an energy level, it impacts your subtle bodies/aura, which will then impact your physical body to improve your general wellbeing and health. That’s what we call it metaphysical, namely what goes beyond the physical.

It is the same principle for guidance, the information I receive don’t come from the physical world but from the ethereal world, from Guides, the Angels, the Archangels, etc.

When you contact me with the intention to receive a healing session and improve your wellbeing, our energies connect.

Of course we exchange before (by e-mail, etc.), you can explain your situations whatever it is (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, stress, insomnia...) and what you are expecting form the session if you want.

I can also work intuitively if you prefer, energy will always act for your highest good according to your needs. Energy healing will always act for your highest good according to your needs - conscious and soul needs.

Energy transcends time and space - it has no limit, therefore there is no restriction, distance has no impact on the effectiveness or quality of the healing.

If you have any questions before or after your session, always feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your session and take care of yourself!


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