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Energy Cleanse

Cleansing of your energy for a sense of peace, comfort, clarity, lightness & rejuvenation
Raise your vibration instantly for more alignment and balance.

🌟 Experience a powerful energy cleanse and recharge your energy and 🌟

✧ Are you feeling drained, overwhelmed, or burdened by negative, dense and heavy energies?

✧ Do you often feel depleted, lacking the energy to fully enjoy life?

✧ Are you experiencing a constant sense of negativity or stagnation?

✧ Does stress and emotional baggage weigh you down and affect your mental clarity?

✧ Sometimes it seems to hit you out of the blue, it can be hard to shake...

I understand the impact it can have on your overall well-being, on your energy, mood, enthusiasm and fulfilment.


This transformative Energy Cleanse can help you release the energetic blocks holding you back and reclaim your energy so you can feel rejuvenated, more relaxed and peaceful.

A deep energy cleanse is the solution to feel energized and empowered with a sense of taking a fresh start

Imagine having a session from the comfort of your home or as you're going about your daily activities and feeling refreshed, with a renewed sense of vitality.

Your mind feels calmer and clearer, which enables you to focus on what you have to do for work, increase your productivity and therefore feel more fulfilled, more present with your loved ones outside of your working hours.

You'll feel relief, which enables your body to relax more and let go of tensions, feel less pains, you'll have more positive thoughts and emotions and an improved overall sense of wellness.

This service is specifically designed to address these above-mentioned pain points and provide a powerful boost to your energy, allowing you to embrace life with joy and enthusiasm.

💫 Why choose to have a remote Energy Cleanse session 💫

✧ Do you feel disconnected and out of alignment with your energy?

✧ Is your busy schedule preventing you from taking care of your energetic well-being as you'd like?

You can access the transformative power of energy healing from the comfort of your own home. No matter where you are in the world, this remote energy cleanse sessions bring the transformative benefits right to your doorstep as you still honor your needs.


Through my own techniques and intuitive abilities, I tune into your energy and clear away the negative and stagnant energy that may be holding you back.

You can take a break at the time of our session and relax, or go about your daily activities, in any cases, you'll get a report with personalised advice.


You can experience the power of distance healing as I work on assisting you and empowering you to restore and revitalise your energy.

What my clients are saying:

- Ourvashi
Spiritual Business Coach & Manifestation Mentor

- Soraia
Spiritual Business Owner

Deep energy cleanse session details & options

  • distance and offline (we don't need to be on a call)

  • cleansing of anything that doesn't serve your highest good, such as (but not limited to):
    ◊ raising your vibration for more vitality
    ◊ balancing
     energies / rational mind - intuition - heart
    ◊ patching eventual energy leaks

    ◊ research and removal of etheric cords and energy parasites, as well as eventual past life contracts and spells  if any
    ◊ personalised cleanse of anything that'd come up during the session
    ◊ shielding

  • you'll receive a report detailing what was cleared and offering helpful tips tailored to your needs

30-min Energy Cleanse

  • 1 x 30 minutes (offline)

  • Report delivered to your mailbox

  • additional questions & support up to 48h

  • 111 euros

1-hour Energy cleanse + reprogramming

  • 1h offline incl. energy + subconscious clearing

  • reprogramming for proactive beliefs

  • Report delivered to your mailbox

  • additional questions and support for implementation up to 48hr post session

  • 333 euros


If no time slot matches your schedule, please contact me and I'll be happy to arrange​ accordingly - possibility to have monthly bundles with payment plans 

Q: What's the difference between a 30-min energy cleanse and a 1-hour energy cleanse + reprogramming?

Both are done offline, the 30-min cleanse goes deep into clearing all energy blocks from your body and your energy field, but does not include a specific subconscious clearing.

The 1-hour cleanse & reprogramming includes a deep energy cleanse and clearing of subconscious programs such as self-sabotage, scarcity mindset, major soul wounds like wounds of humiliation, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, shame, separation... And reprogramming after deprogramming... meaning reactivating the energy by default that you had at birth before society taught you this negative/harmful programming as we heal the wound related to that.

This has nothing to do with mind control! Ex: if you have a subconscious programming about lacking self-confidence, I clear it and reprogram with the opposite of "lack of self-confidence", that is to say "self-confidence, self-trust, self-belief" since these core programs are already within you by default, they were just overrun by the wounds and hurts.

What my clients are saying:

"Morgane was able to pin point the root cause of the issues I was experiencing and she transmuted the childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and also healed ancestral trauma. I loved that Morgane explains the sensations that I was experiencing in my body as she was undertaking the healing"

Ms. T (Australia)

"She is truly gifted. l have been to many healers and she is the best. She is able to cut through to the root of the issue at hand; the most cathartic healing work I have received. I am able to look at my life with a more truthful perspective when moving forward after her healing and always reminding me of choice and free will how I proceed in order to continue on my healing path. She is great for when I have felt stuck and without a way forward."

Mrs. L (USA)

"Thanks, my shoulder is actually feeling better. I know you say you aren't a doctor, but you're by far better than most doctors I have come across... Every doctor gave me an MRI."

Mrs. C - Entrepreneur (USA)

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 17.09.24.png

Any questions? Check out the F.A.Q here or contact me.

I'm looking forward to connecting and teaming with you to help you accelerate your results and achieve your goals


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