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About Me

Hi! I'm Morgane,

Personal development Coach, Energy Healer & Reader

Self-Leadership Mentor

Thanks for being here and nice to connect :) 

I've completely transformed my life and I can help you do the same, want to know how?

Book your free clarity call below, let's connect :-)

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So in short, I'd like to share these quick facts about me:

  • born energy healer & reader, highly intuitive & hypersensitive

  • University Degree in Languages and Economics

  • Successful corporate career of 10 years

  • Started as a sales assistant in food industry, worked my way up and became an executive: administrative manager and ended my corporate career as the right arm of the C.E.O.

  • I left it all behind to dedicate myself to my true calling to create more impact and started over in 2014 

  • Got back to studying & got extra qualifications as a Certified Personal Development Coach (that covers trainings in NLP, psychogenealogy & sophrology) as well as different modalities (including crystal healing and Akashic Reading, among other disciplines)

  • I opened my own business in 2016 and I've been helping amazing souls heal their wounds, empower themselves and transform their life since then.


I have completely transformed my life and I can help you do the same!

Contact: Contact

Here's an example of what my client Kay, Licensed psychologist from the USA, had to say after her session:

"After the soul journey that I was guided through by Morgane I can honestly say that the unexplainable resentment and overall irritation I had been feeling toward my partner for years is gone. I know feel more comfortable exploring whether or not this is the relationship for me based on the energy that is currently operating and not the past life energy that obviously made its way into our experience during this lifetime. I'm so glad Morgane was able to get me to the exact ethereal place that would help me settle the matter for good. (...) Thanks Morgane for an amazing experience."

I can assist any life transformation and help you develop and trust your intuition because I've been there before...


Let me share an example (among many in my life)



Back in 2013, I lost my corporate job due to economic reasons... I was offered another good position by a competitor, but I felt guided to decline it - while some might have called me crazy for refusing a "secure job", I still did.


I trusted my "irrational" yet so persistent nudge without knowing what I was going to do and the moment I decided to trust and decline, clarity came and my next step became obvious.

Long story short, I now run a business that enables me to help people, have my own schedule and to work from anywhere in the world (I lived in the UK and in Jamaica).

I went from having clients mainly in my area by words of mouth to now working from home with amazing people located all over the world (including national + international artists and world-class athletes 🤯⁣)

So if you ever wondered if you could benefit from working not only with a certified personal development coach but also a shaman/intuitive energy healer, here's my answer:


1) definitely yes if you're ready to put in the work and choose yourself


2) why not work with these 2 "jobs" gathered in one human being?


Not only are my clients are getting results but they do so in an accelerated way!

Here is what my client Miss S. from Australia (who preferred staying anonymous) had to say

"I highly recommend the Unshakable program, I shifted a heap of things, a lot of trauma and programming. Even after the first session I had some big realisations and a few people actuallycommented that I looked lighter in my being and more at peace. I think the most amazing thing was towards the end I was more in tune with my higher self, I had the added benefit of further tapping into myspiritual gifts, plus I gained greater discernment in the spiritual realm. It was definitely a crash course in healing, I shed a lot of stuff in a short period of time. Thank you Morgane, you're amazing at what you do" - Ms S, Australia

It’s so heart warming to see amazing people learn to trust themselves, know how to deal with overwhelm and triggers!


My clients are freeing themselves from patterns they were stuck in, they learn how to overcome subconscious self-sabotage and that it's ok take action without procrastinating or wanting everything to be "perfect".


They're stepping into the leader they were meant to be in their personal life and in their business / career!

It feels amazing!


So why do my clients get these results?⁣⁣⁣

One of my specialties is to see the unseen, which enables me to pinpoint the root cause of patterns and I also went through that myself... 

By going to the root cause, we dismantle everything and collapse time (no need to stay stuck on a loop, e break it so you can move forward)

But most importantly, I walked (and still walk) the talk, I practise what I preach, I know how to guide them to accelerate their journey without unnecessary detours or suffering!

Back in my teenage and early corporate days… ⁣⁣⁣

  • I was overworked, making my studies/work and other people's needs a priority over myself ⁣⁣and my own needs

  • I had very little self-confidence, anxiety and fears were my constant companion (even as a child), I was feeling down most of the time and even depressed

  • I had no idea I was an empath and that I was very wounded, making it hard to function in society without being overwhelmed


  • I use my own healing journey and my soul gifts to help others achieve their personal & life goals, unlock their soul gifts and reconnect with themselves to step further into their life purpose (because YOU are the key to every door)

  • I am the living proof that my clients too can turn their life upside down and make their dreams come true

  • My business enables me to have physical, mental and emotional freedom (I lived in Jamaica off-grid on top of a mountain while still serving my beautiful clients) and my clients achieve that too (whatever freedom represents to them)

The 3 keys that got me here to inspire and help you create the changes you want to see in your life are:


I can honestly say I opened my business primarily to be of service and help others because I genuinely believe that no one needs to suffer longer than they do - pain is one thing, suffering is optional (I wish my teenager-self knew that!) and I will never do something that infringes my values. I have a code of ethics that I respect - I respect my clients and I respect myself.



Perfection is a trauma response, I had to learn that I was enough and I also teach that being YOU is enough, taking imperfect action and actually detaching from judgment is what brings results in your life and career


3️⃣ TRANSFORMATION (with ease)

You can't change the past but you definitely can change the perception that you have of certain events and you can transform, shift and grow from anything, you are an alchemist, you can rewrite your story and decide to change anytime!

Remember when you first learnt how to walk? ⁣

You fell several times but you always got back up and now it's natural. ⁣⁣⁣

Decision is always the 1st step, then you adjust as you go. ⁣⁣

And when you decide to keep choosing yourself everyday naturally and success is inevitable in anything you want to achieve.

Here's a few examples of what we get you to achieve when we team up together:

  • release subconscious blocks, mind programming and limitations for more focus and mental clarity to take actions that move the needle forward

  • tame your mind to make it work for you (no more against you!) and take your success mindset to the next level

  • increase your creativity and productivity without delay or distraction (which means more free time for your loved ones and your hobbies)

  • step into self-confidence, trusting the voice of your intuition and that you have your own back to deal with anything that comes your way

  • unlock your potential (your soul gifts) and tap into your emotional intelligence - the days of playing small are over, it's time to be unapologetically yourself and set healthy boundaries!

  • self-understanding, self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love for more inner peace and fulfilment in your personal life, relationships and business/career

If you'd like to have a preview of how it is to work with me (in addition to reading my client's testimonials), there are 2 things you can do:

1) Download my free resource here "Shadow Work Masterclass - 3 steps to get you started on your healing and self-acceptance journey"

2) Book your free clarity call below!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and helping you get to your next level of embodied self-leadership, inner peace and fulfilment!

Take care,


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